I’d like to start by introducing myself..

My name is Ammar Ali. I’m a
Web Designer Front-End Developer WordPress Lover Freelancer Blogger cricket fan

I’m currently an undergraduate student aiming for a BSc in Computer Science.

Computers have been in my life since I was a child and I always loved anything related with pixels so I started to design at a very young age, most of my skills and knowledge are self taught.

I fell in love with Computers years ago when I was only 8.. Since then my life, thoughts and interests changed. Beside computers, I’m really passionate about Web Design, Development and Blogging.

I dabbled in online field during high school, I was curious on learning web programming, building websites so I spent too much time on learning through blog posts and online tutorials. I am a person who is willing to learn and adapts quickly. I’m very keen about learning new technologies. Developing beautiful websites and learning new things everyday is my profession and hobby.

As for personal interests, I’m a huge cricket fan, I love watching cricket and playing with my friends. If I’m not online, I’ll be either sleeping or watching TV.